sun2wheel | Hubgarage AG Richenthal

Hubgarage AG Richenthal

24. August 2021
sun2wheel | Bild: Hubgarage AG Richenthal

Hans Giger, owner of Hubgarage AG in Richenthal in the canton of Lucerne, is a pioneer. He likes to think situations through to the end and then comes to the right decision. As a result, he is always breaking new ground and focusing on promising technologies. Electric mobility, for example. As a Nissan dealer, he has been selling the Leaf electric car for many years and has a large number of satisfied customers.

That he is a pioneer, he showed once again when he had a bidirectional charging station installed by sun2wheel two years ago. This stores the electricity from the solar system on his workshop directly in the plugged Nissan Leaf. And when the sun is gone or a cloudy day is coming, the Nissan Leaf supplies the area with stored solar power. In this way, he uses his electric car as a local buffer and maximizes self-consumption of the electricity he produces himself.

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