sun2wheel | VIDEO – RELEASE


14. May 2022

Our new video is ready! We show the capabilities of our app and how it can be used. Together with our customer Hans Jörg Luchsinger, we explain how simple electric mobility can be and why it is now worthwhile to use the sun2wheel system for fleet vehicles and in apartment buildings. Sector coupling thrives on digitalization and complex interrelationships. This complexity runs in the background for us. Our goal is that users do not have to struggle with complicated controls, but can simply exploit the full potential of electromobility, even easier than refueling a fossil vehicle. Because an electric car can do more than just drive from A to B, it can store electricity and is the key to a resource-efficient energy transition.

Many thanks to all who have contributed and support this extraordinary innovation, use it day after day and thus make the energy transition possible!