Our charging and storage solutions at a glance

sun2wheel | Cover Produkte

The sun2wheel ecosystem

The house symbolizes our system. As soon as the foundation, at least one pillar and the roof are in place, the house stands. But what makes our system unique?

Intelligent management of local storage, without or with wheels

Faster charging than grid connection allows

Plug&Play and modularly expandable

Our products

Discover our product family and learn more about the individual products and their benefits.

sun2wheel | Produkt: V2X-controller
sun2wheel | Produkttyp controller

Central management of charging stations & batteries

sun2wheel | Produkt: two-way-digital
sun2wheel | Produkttyp bistation

The most convenient bidirectional charging station

sun2wheel | Produkt: two-way-10
sun2wheel | Produkttyp bistation

Bidirectional charging station, DC, 1 x 10kW

sun2wheel | Produkt: accu 2nd-use battery system
sun2wheel | Produkttyp battery

accu 2nd-use battery system
Battery system with 24-620 kWh

sun2wheel | Produkt: one-way-guest-64
sun2wheel | Produkttyp station

Charging station, DC, 1 x 64kW or 2x 32kW

sun2wheel | Produkt: one-way-compact-11
sun2wheel | Produkttyp station

Charging station, AC, 1 x 11kW

Our services

We will advise you in detail and competently so that you get the ideal charging and storage solution for your needs.

Our careful project planning means that there are no surprises during installation and commissioning.

If desired, the installation is carried out by our experienced partners in well-coordinated teams. This makes installation quick and uncomplicated.

Project management
Our efficient project management for larger objects enables rapid implementation with the highest quality.

Applications and registration
We take care of the necessary permits and take care of the correct registration of your system for you.

You can also count on our professional service after installation. We maintain your system in the long term and guarantee worry-free operation.