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Your e-car as solar storage for your home

Make the most of your own solar power with the sun2wheel charging station.

The battery of your e-car is larger than your daily mobility needs. The charging system of sun2wheel makes this free storage capacity usable for your household.

This makes you more independent and increases the self-use of your solar power.

sun2wheel | Making the most of your own electricity

Making the most of your own electricity

During the day the batteries are charged and in the evening you use the energy in the household. The intelligent charging system automatically controls the charging and discharging process so that you always have enough range for the next day.

This increases self-sufficiency and maximizes the self-consumption share of the electricity you produce yourself.

sun2wheel | Control everything simply via app

Control everything simply via app

You control the entire system with the unique sun2wheel app. Setting individual charging programs is child’s play.

All data on power generation, storage and consumption are clearly displayed and make modern electromobility visibly tangible.

sun2wheel | Plug & Play and modular

Plug & Play and modular

So that you can save costs on electrical installation and also have the freedom to expand your system at any time, our charging stations are equipped with a CEE plug as standard. This allows you to easily start up and upgrade the charging station via Plug&Play. The charging stations require a 3-phase 16A socket (exception Guest-64 or stronger), ideally with LAN cable or another socket.

sun2wheel | Sustainable 2nd-Use Battery Storage

Sustainable 2nd-Use Battery Storage

Expand your system with our unique 2nd-use car batteries. The reconditioned batteries are very robust and ideal for home storage.

Give used car batteries a second life and increase your own consumption.

sun2wheel | Uncomplicated installation and long-term service

Uncomplicated installation and long-term service

The planning and installation of the charging station is done by us and our experienced partners – so the effort for you remains minimal.

Thanks to remote maintenance and automatic updates, your system is always up to date. This guarantees long-term and smooth operation.

sun2wheel | Highest quality - Swiss Made

Highest quality - Swiss Made

All our products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland and are of the highest quality. This makes our charging systems durable and ensures constant reliability. And of course, all products meet the maximum safety standards.

See here which subsidy measures support the purchase of an electric car and charging station in your canton and municipality.

Your advantages at a glance:

Optimize energy and self-consumption.
Intelligent software controls the entire system to maximize self-consumption.

Modular and flexibly expandable.
The system can be expanded at any time with additional charging stations and battery storage units.

Bidirectional charging with CSS plug.
Our system offers true bidirectional charging and is optimized for V2X operation.

Easy operation and control via app
Operation and control is via a simple and clear app.

Easy installation.
Planning, installation and maintenance are carried out directly by us and our partners.

Reliable and safe
The high quality guarantees constant reliability and meets all safety standards.

Innovation Swiss Made
Innovative technology for eMobility developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

Robust 2nd-use battery storage.
Reconditioned car batteries are a sustainable solution for electricity storage.

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Helion | Noah Heynen

«Als Marktführer im Bereich Planung und Montage von Photovoltaikanlagen und Ladestationen sind wir auf innovative Partner und zuverlässige Technologien angewiesen. Genau dies haben wir mir sun2wheel AG gefunden. sun2hweel AG hat durch ihr einzigartiges System einen wichtigen Platz in unserem Portfolio und ermöglicht uns, bereits jetzt die technologische Zukunft zu leben.»

Noah Heynen, CEO und Co-Gründer Helion Solar

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«Wir begleiten unsere Mitglieder ins Zeitalter der Elektromobilität, indem wir sie beraten, mit unserer Expertise unterstützen, aber auch indem wir ihnen konkrete Lösungen fürs Laden zu Hause und unterwegs anbieten. Da in diesem Thema häufig auch integrierte Lösungen für die Energieerzeugung und Nutzung nachgefragt werden, arbeiten wir mit unserem Partner sun2wheel zusammen.»

Bernhard Bieri, Direktor Touring Club Schweiz

TCS | Bernhard Bieri
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Evtec | Markus Kramis

«Mit sun2wheel haben wir einen starken und modernen Partner, welcher unsere Produkte mit ihrer intelligenten Steuerung und dem strukturierten B2C-Vertrieb auf ein neues Level hebt.»

Markus Kramis, Geschäftsführer EVTEC

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