sun2wheel | Sky-Frame Frauenfeld

Sky-Frame Frauenfeld

11. March 2022

With the Sky-Frame project in Frauenfeld, a sun2wheel project at a commercial customer went online at the beginning of March 2022. Our partner Ellenbroek Hugentobler AG has relied on the innovative sun2wheel ecosystem in the underground parking of the newly built Sky-Frame headquarters and installed a first series of 4 charging stations for its new electric vehicle fleet.

The one-way-compact-11 charging stations from sun2wheel prove to be the ideal charging station for highly intelligent charging of electric vehicles.

The load management V2X-controller with its newly developed app ensures that the company vehicles are charged according to demand as much as possible with the solar power produced on the building. At the same time, the future viability of the system is also guaranteed, as both bidirectional charging stations and DC fast chargers can be integrated in a next expansion step.

In this way, employees and, in a next step, the company’s customers will be able to charge their electric cars in a carefree and renewable way.


sun2wheel | Bild: Sky-Frame Frauenfeld

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